Submitted by: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Implemented country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: Recycling of Electronics Waste

Electronic waste are complex of different devises such as CPU, parts of computers i.e. circuits mobile phones, as well as some parts of microwaves , washing machines etc. these parts are useless due to any reason , and now a days, electronic wastes are the fastest source of waste production.
The short life cycle of computerized parts in one hand and the diversification wants of people in other hand changed the issue of electronic waste to one of the biggest problems of the world.
Only in Iran there are 4 million computers which their life cycle has ended.
Manufacturing of a simple monitor cost 240 kg of fuel, 22 kg of chemical substances, and 1500 liter of water, except than raw materials!
By considering this point, it seems that reuse of computerized devices can cause a big frugality and saving in our natural resources.

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