National Energy Globe Award Ghana (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Solux e.V.
Implemented country: Ghana
Title: One Child one Solarlight - OCOS

Lighting Africa "One Child One Solar Light '- OCOS
The nonprofit organization started SOLUX eV, the model project "One Child One Solar Light" in Ghana.
Target: School children and their families in off-grid areas to be supplied with solar light.
This was the company Solar4Ghana Ltd.. - S4G - designed, informs the kids, parents and teachers about the benefits of solar lights.
Results after 1 year of project:
-More than 6 persons will benefit from a solar lamp
-The quality of life of 35,000 people is now much improved with solar lights
-100% Of all users recommend SoLux solar lights
-This model project is transferable to other countries

Category: Youth