National Energy Globe Award Kenya (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Jua Nguvu Ltd.
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Modular Low Tech Biogas Plant from Hotel to Industry Size in Developing Countries

The TN P/2 (Taka Nguvu) biogas system is a 2-stage bio digester for solid biowaste. Development of the TN P/2 modular biogas system is scalable from restaurant to industrial size for developing countries. Main characteristics are its easy building, material sourced over 95% in the country, low cost, long lifespan and simple operation. The TN P/2 is based on a manifold tried and tested low tech standard system. Kenya Bixa Ltd produces annatto powder for food colouring. Daily 8 tons of annatto seeds are used to extract the powder and over 7 tons remain as waste. The biogas from the plant shall substitute daily 100 litre diesel oil as well as 1 ton of firewood, which is used in the production process. The advantages are:
- Low tech: The installation has only one electric component - a slurry pump
- Low maintenance need: no solid material going into the digester -> reduction of maintenance of the digesters
- Simple operation: only one manual valve to operate

Category: Fire