National Energy Globe Award Senegal (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: ICDO (Integrated Community Development Organization)
Implemented country: Senegal
Title: Power Even for the Smalles Village

Nico Peterschmidt is manager of INENSUS, which stands for Integrated Energy Supply Systems. INENSUS is a technology-oriented company specializing in innovative solutions for decentralized energy systems in the field of small wind energy. One of their projects offers micro power economy, which is a method for an economically and ecologically sustainable market development of off-grid rural electricity supply. This method eliminates past risks of rural electrification and allows for active risk management by private-sector investors. That way infrastructure is created which, like micro loans, helps to create a stimulus for economic cycles, thus overcoming poverty. The introduction of market-based methods makes this approach almost unlimitedly scalable. Renewable energy sources used for many different locations are not only the most financially sound option, but they also reduce greenhouse gases and dependency on fossil fuel imports.
The small village of Moussa Abdou in Senegal is home to 900 people living in 70 households. Here, micro power energy has been successfully introduced by INENSUS. The villagers were taught how to form a village committee, how to use pricing models, how to take out micro loans and build up a micro economy. Examples of such micro enterprises are electric rice mills, electric peanut peelers, or electric sewing machines. Micro power economy means developing more opportunities for the villagers as well as a fair return on investment for the investors. Clustering is how INENSUS lowers implementation and maintenance costs, which again increases profitability. In Moussa Abdou, villagers now have access to 5kW wind-, 5 kW solar- and 11 kW diesel power in a 1.5-km grid. The same project is in planning for an additional 30 villages in Senegal; 20 others are currently preparing for electrification.

„The application of MicroPowerEconomy in Senegal and other countries show that investments into village electrification can be economically and ecologically viable and attractive!”

Nico Peterschmidt

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