National Energy Globe Award Bulgaria (overall winner)

Submitted by: Intereco 21
Implemented country: Bulgaria
Title: Nanobiotechnology for treatment of waste of Pig-breeding farms, Sewage Slidg, Solid House Waste (SHW), and agricultural waste in biohydrrogen and compost by using solar energy sources

The project is intended to separate biohydrogen from pigpharm waste. The project started with Ca (OH) 2 treatment, taking out the bad smell and making available for use pig organic compounds. Solar concentrators and photoelectric cell are used, which directly attack the chemical bonds in organic chains of organic compounds and release hydrogen. The released hydrogen is stored in special containers. The last stage includes the conversion of residual biomass into organic fertilizer - compost by the addition of fresh biomass from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge. This way a non-waste production cycle for recovery of the most problematic waste takes place and as a result clean fuel is produced.

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