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Submitted by: Architekten Scheicher bzw. R.I.O.F. GmbH i. G.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: R.I.O.F. ethic highly, highly aesthetic

R.I.O.F. is optimized for resource input facilities and takes into account the finiteness of the building on fossil fuels economic growth.
R.I.O.F. impetus and gives ideas for a new product and service culture based on renewable raw materials.
Designated by us include "Facilities" products (furniture) and services (design and architecture), which release throughout their life cycle, hardly any CO2, are used primarily for the most part made from renewable resources, resource-efficient and are designed for closed cycles.
Follow the design principle of "form follows sustainable development", in which our needs are so full that future generations can meet their needs.
Aesthetically, the product remain simple, essential, linear, contemporary and timeless - they are distinguished by their tactile quality and authenticity.

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