National Energy Globe Award Austria (overall winner)
Regional Energy Globe Award Vorarlberg (Austria)

Submitted by: Forstner Speichertechnik GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: FRIONIC ® - Forstner heat recovery from refrigeration systems: Vorarlberg butchers association, Hohenems

In the 2008/2009 renewal of the refrigeration system and heating and plumbing system of the Vorarlberg butchers association was planned and implemented in Hohenems. The aim was to improve the existing heat recovery and use the highest possible proportion of the waste heat for hot water and heating. A refrigerated cooling system removes the heat. To this heat along with the machine is not useless to lose heat to the surroundings, the FRIONIC ® memory was developed, which uses the heat physically optimal. In addition to this newly developed FRIONIC ® memory of the company FORSTNER GmbH memory technology for direct use of waste heat from refrigeration systems, has been used by the company Kiechel & Hagleitner GmbH & Co KG, a sophisticated system for additional heat recovery component and a corresponding hydraulic system. This allowed the current consumption of gas and the power consumption of the entire system can be reduced. The savings in energy costs amount to approximately 70%.

Category: Air