National Energy Globe Award Germany (overall winner)

Submitted by: INNOVUM
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Electrokinetic disintegration of sludge

Rising costs for materials used in agricultural biogas production requires more than ever the efficient operation of the facilities. The aim is to look at both the field of biogas production and utilization of the energy produced. Although technological advances are driven components, it is in agricultural biogas production is still insufficient for a vote on type of plant engineering and for fermentation feedstock coming. The aim of the investigations is to identify procedural deficiencies in practice biogas plants and to achieve targeted influence in the production process, a stable operation with high capacity utilization. The newly developed method can INNOVUM an increase in the
Bio-/Klärgasanteiles be achieved by 8-18%, the current efficiency is increased and a saving the amount of substrate is made possible.

Category: Fire