Submitted by: altbauzentrum
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Insulation with Lambda Plus

The Dämmfassade "Lamdaplus", a development of the master carpenter Nürtinger Martin Boehm, can be grateful with all the insulation in thicknesses covered inches up to 30. It is based on a simple, on metal rails and wooden consoles based fastening systems. Except for the type of attachment, all components can be chosen freely. The design of the Lambda-Plus is based on galvanized metal wall rails and wooden brackets that are bolted to the building wall. The z-shaped rail allows for easy attachment to the building wall and a positive and non-locking brackets secure the timber or carrier. The result is a varietal building façade insulation (no insulation bonded). This system has a low susceptibility to damage the entire structure with clear separation of insulation, structural and cladding and bearing a part in reducing CO2.

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