National Energy Globe Award Iceland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Energy Agency Iceland, EAI
Implemented country: Iceland
Title: Online Calculating for Iceland and the Rest of the World

Sigurdur Fridleifsson is the manager of Energy Agency Iceland. Through a study he found out that Iceland is one of the world’s countries with the most automobiles per capita. The average fuel consumption is also the highest in Europe because Icelanders drive very large and fuel-inefficient vehicles. The most efficient way of reducing fossil fuels and thus CO2 emissions would be for Icelanders to buy “greener” vehicles.
Sigurdur Fridleifsson decided that he would make this his task. When he discovered that a grand total of 90 percent of the Icelandic population have Internet access he decided to design a web-based tool ( that can provide important information for every single Icelander as well as create a greater awareness for the issue. So, Energy Agency Iceland developed an interactive calculator where users have access to different calculation tools to help them decide what car to buy, how to plan a “greener” trip, or to estimate how you can neutralize CO2 emissions by planting trees. Another calculator can assist users in comparing fuel costs and CO2 emissions for two different cars by comparing them with each other. Then there is a calculator that will tell you how much money and CO2 emissions you save by taking your bike instead of your car– and to make things even more interesting you can calculate the corresponding calories for biking.
All these tools are linked in a joint database and offer different layouts as well as formulas. The information provided is very structured and offers a great overview. The input windows are extremely user-friendly. The data is provided by the Icelandic Road Traffic Authority. All technical vehicle data comes from European car registration requirements and that’s why comparing is realistic and easy.
Up to now this online-tool has only been available in Icelandic but recently a new and more current version has been put online. Calculation tools are even more user-friendly and available in seven Scandinavian languages as well as in English. The operators are hoping for even more users. Of 300,000 Icelanders more than 40,000 have already used the online calculator. Currently, Energy Agency Iceland is working on an additional calculator that can compare electrically powered and biogas cars with conventional automobiles. As a next step, Sigurdur Fridleifsson is hoping to find partners in other countries to help him offer this online tool in even more foreign languages. The online tools are also in the course of being expanded.

“Let’s make Iceland fossil-fuel free within 20 years!”

Sigurdur Fridleifsson

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