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Submitted by: Dr. Steinmair & Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: About waste heat to CO2-free electricity

On the border between Upper Austria and Salzburg, a new biomass-fired thermal power plant with a focus on "production of electric power" emerge. The resulting heat generated in the work process energy supplying the local farms and settlements with near-edge or district heating. Similarly, wood drying equipment centralized moved to improve their logistics (cost reduction). Also, heat is used for wood chips with high moisture (50%) or wet material to dry, the energy yield of the raw material essential to promote (residual moisture content to 10-15%) to have to use less material and the overall result of economically and ecologically to improve. To be aware that at a modest conversion of biomass, the electrical efficiency is, one uses in the generation of electricity with a backpressure steam turbine and then exhausted from the energy content of the still existing exhaust steam before condensation occurs. This biomass combined heat and power states to also use the exiting exhaust steam from the turbine to generate electricity.

Category: Fire