Submitted by: Thomas Lechner
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Plusenergiehaus Kramer in Radstadt

A contemporary, with the region and the context associated residential building was built in passive house, the basic requirement of the brief. As a building material is wood. With graduations and inclines it provides space for renewable energy. The combination with front opening and achieved an increase in passive house quality standard energy, excess energy is fed into the local network. Heat pump and a controlled ventilation with heat recovery round out the energy concept. The technique involves a hygienic fresh water module for DHW heating and including 800 liters solar storage tank, and a 6.8 square meter solar thermal system also for the domestic hot water with an integrated solar surplus department in the space heating. When the sun shines are tools such as e.g. the lawn mower battery, battery garden shears or other battery charging device work.

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