Submitted by: Gergor Pils und Andreas Claus Schnetzler PALETTENHAUS.COM
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Pallet House

As pallets are at the end of their "life cycle" usually incinerated, are considerations for re-use of global importance. Specifically for this purpose, the range of house building has been designed as a simple structure. The fact that pallets are available worldwide enables short transport distances, and their standardized dimensions also provide a simple standardized processing. The use of pallets as a building material for the rich and poor is fundamentally relevant because the design is flexible and use their local conditions and needs to be adjusted. The range of waste product mutated into an important component. Sufficient insulation between the pallets and the use of a device for controlled ventilation (both heating in winter and cooling in summer) result in a very low heating demand. The rain water of the roof is collected as service water for the toilets in a water tank.

Category: Earth