National Energy Globe Award Hungary (overall winner)

Submitted by: Moser & Partner Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Implemented country: Hungary
Title: SPAR is Building Green!

“Spar is building green” is an important part of the SPAR Group’s company philosophy. So SPAR approached Andreas Wachter from Moser & Partner Engineering with their philosophy and since then several joint “green“ projects have successfully been implemented. More are under way. In Üllo, a city near Budapest, Moser & Partner has now shown that it is possible to heat and cool a large building entirely without fossil fuels. The project is a SPAR logistics center with a floor space of 50,000 square meters and approximately 500 employees. The main goal was to find an economically feasible solution, at the same time building a showcase project able to show on an international level that there are alternative solutions as far as the commercial building sector is concerned.
During the planning stages of this innovative energy concept for the Üllö logistics center, Andreas Wachter had the idea that it should be possible to use the surrounding waste heat from existing heating processes even if only at very low temperatures. The biggest challenge was to get permission from the Hungarian government to use the available ground water. After having dealt with all the red tape, Andreas Wachter created an overall optimization of the cooling system, thus putting the logistic center’s waste heat to the most sensible use.
The project shows how to successfully optimize commercial refrigeration, which used to be the biggest energy need and the highest operating costs for SPAR in Üllö. The recooling system for the commercial refrigeration system uses ground water which is pumped from six wells and heated by the commercial cooling system within the building’s internal energy cycle by using a heat-pumping system. The results are: Increased energy and CO2 savings in form of 40 per cent lower operating costs, and CO2 savings of 1,000 to 1,500 tons per year as compared to standard solutions.
For SPAR, this project represents another huge step towards greener buildings. The investment costs of 650,000 euros were worth every cent because the new system helps save annual operating costs to the grand amount of 125,000 euros. So, the project will pay off for SPAR Group after 5 years. There are other beneficial aspects as well: The new logistics center in Üllö will make SPAR independent of fossil energy and the associated fluctuation in prices. And it makes SPAR a true pioneer in eastern European countries. Given similar hydrological conditions, this project can be duplicated in other places. This is why Andreas Wachter is now planning a similar new logistics center for SPAR AG in Austria.

„Think about tomorrow and not only about the next 5 minutes.”

Andreas Wachter

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