Submitted by: Natural Educational Environment Agriclultural Development Society "NEEDAS"
Implemented country: India

RHA (Rice Husk Ash) is one of the byproducts of rice after processing the paddy. The rice mills after rice production discharge these waste in the wastelands, water bodies and abandoned land space. RHA is a great threat to the environment and also pollutes the water, air and soil. In our target region there are 116 modern rice mills are operating in which 28.4 million MT of RHA is produced. After thorough analysis it is observed that RHA is rich in Amorphous Silica and the same could be used to make solar cells. This venture could help the community to avoid the waste dumping at wasteland and water bodies illegally. We all know that electricity is a growing concern even in developed countries. Using the RHA into a recycled product like solar cells could not only save the environment and this illegal dumping of waste but also will reduce the price of these expensive solar cells as these are intended to be homemade or in small scale industries. It is an effort towards combating global warming issues along with an idea to support thousands of women and unemployed men to earn their living.

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