Submitted by: TT-SIUS Systemintegrierter Umweltschutz
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Holistic approach to food production, energy and raw materials

The Jatrophapflanzung acts of vegetable oil production. Jatropha oil (peeling and pressing) and ethanol (fermentation and distillation) from own production with the addition of catalysts purchased will be processed into biodiesel. The resulting as a byproduct of ethanol production stillage (protein food) could be connected in a livestock (eg cattle) processed into food, or be implemented in a biogas plant as a co-ferment into electricity. Byproducts from the production of diesel is glycerin soap and water. Which can also be sold or further processed (pure glycerine, soap). The residues of the pressing and peeling should be 30% as organic fertilizer to put back on the field. The rest is dried pressed into briquettes and burned to generate electricity. Ash residues are also spread on the fields as fertilizer. Waste from the processing (biogas, wood gas plant) will generate electricity and ensures the supply of their own technical systems (Press, pumps, stirrers, etc.) is secure. Surpluses are sold in the local network.

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