Submitted by: Landesimmobilien Gesellschaft mbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for public buildings in the country's real estate company

The country's real estate company has set a target all energy supply systems to modernize their properties and switch to renewable energy sources. Advance should demand side cuts in the residential, User motivation and the building envelope to be implemented. In addition to improving the energy performance indicators should also be an increase in comfort as well as consumption and
Maintenance cost reduction can be achieved. The reaction takes place includes a newly developed integrated energy performance contracting (IEC) model, which both supply and demand side that is energy efficiency measures. For quality assurance measures specific quality assurance instruments are used. Experiences from the previous eight projects have confirmed its practicability.
In addition to competitive price reductions of up to 30% heat, 12% electricity, 20% water and 92% CO ² for amortization periods of up could. 15 years achieved be.

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