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Submitted by: HTL u.VA (BULME) Graz-Gösting / Marktgemeinde Heiligenkreuz a/W / Abfallwirtschaftsverband Leibnitz
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Development and construction of a mobile baler chamber for PET bottles compression

Pichler Patrick and Mario Kubeck, two students of the Technical, Training and Research Institute in Graz-Gösting developed as part of their thesis, a mobile PET bottles Press for the community of Holy Cross on Waasen. In schools and communities, large quantities of PET bottles to cause a volume problem. The volume of plastic waste is compacted by the press by up to 80 percent. The result is 35 kilogram, compact plastic ball, the space-saving stacked on pallets and loaded onto trucks for transport to a recycling plant can be.

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