World Energy Globe Award (Air)
National Energy Globe Award Switzerland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Migros
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: 30 years energy efficiency Migros: pioneering work coupled with a broad implementation

Energy is deliberately cultivated in the Migros for more than 30 years. This commitment consists of many sub-projects, the broad-based, multipliable and sustainable. The following 5 sub-projects will demonstrate this commitment. Energy statistics for 1981, the branch has been introduced (energy management). In 1983, Migros in Frick built the first pilot store energy and 2006, the first supermarket in Switzerland in Minergie Amriswil (Minergy). At 14 Migros properties photovoltaic systems in operation (renewable energies) are. 2009, at Migros stores in the area al-ready more than 81 CO2 refrigeration systems in operation (cooling systems). Since 1990, the operational CO2 emissions could be reduced in absolute terms by 49% (climate change).

Category: Air