Submitted by: Feiba Engineering & Plants GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Automatic firewood heating

For a heating system to be able to run specifically with a condensing boiler central heating firewood for an extended period of time without requiring human intervention, a separation system for the collection of individual pieces of wood from a disorderly pile is required. This automatic grab the firewood supply takes 1-2 logs, moves to the upper end position, then horizontally to a discharge position where the logs are stored in a chute.
After the throw-release the chute is swung open, the cover of the oven, slide the logs aligned in a pre-chamber which is closed toward the combustion chamber. The chute pivots to its original position and the furnace lid closes. Then open the valve between the chamber and the combustion chamber, the logs fall into the combustion chamber, the door closes again. With this embodiment can also be heated by hand.

Category: Fire