Submitted by: GOdata GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy and water use management

Currently being developed by the company GOdata a product for automated reading of consumption data - the GO Power ModulTM. Using the GO ModulsTM Power consumption data can be of any counter - to read - whether analog or digital. In combination, should also be further developed a database that can be processed and consumption data created with the help of evaluations. Due to the accurate metering available for the analysis and detailed energy accounting data, the potential savings can be realized quickly and easily. To measures for more efficient use of water, gas, heating energy, electricity, etc. are placed. Through the use of long-term energy and water can be saved as a simple, active control is possible. As is evident from various studies and representative examples,
is due to energy management and the measures derived from a
Assumed 25% - Cost savings potential in the range of 10%.

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