Submitted by: Cosmo Technical srl
Implemented country: Romania
Title: Replacing the Classical Heating Systems with an Additional System Based on Geothermal Power in the Building of the Middle School No.1, in Ocnita Village

The project consists in replacing the Middle School Building Heating Systems with a System Based on Geothermal Power, in Ocnita Village, Dambovita County’s. Main Objectives are securing a thermal microclimate based on geothermal systems for the school and some optimal conditions for fulfilling the social educational process. The Project’s accomplishment takes seven moths and expenses of 1.24 mln RON (296,000 Euros). It fulfills all the requirements for heating and cooling in the building. The Project is targeting at least 40% less expenses with the heating and warm water system. Some of the main effects of the Project are the reduced risk of CO emissions caused diseases, a higher level of thermal comfort and an increased awareness within the people of the region concerning the environmental problems and towards alternative heating and cooling systems.

Category: Fire