Submitted by: Familie Fuchs: Rupert, Anita, Marina, Rupert jun.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Fuchsbau

The private home was planned so that the execution was possible to passive house standards. The exterior basement walls were waterproofed with a pond liner so that the underlying 18 cm thick thermal insulation can not be flushed through the 5 ° C cold groundwater. The whole house is a concrete core, which is heated by solar energy. A 25 square meter solar collector and a 1000 watt photovoltaic system can be mounted on the garage exterior wall. The heat is transferred to the concrete core as well as the only heating facility - led - the floor heating in the bathrooms. If additional energy of the solar system be made available, it is used with a wall of the heating and floor heating system equipped swimming pool. The water is fed via a pump to flush the toilet and then flows into the channel. The sun sometimes too little of the provided heat is supplemented by district heating from biomass.

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