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National Energy Globe Award Italy (overall winner)

Submitted by: Andritz Hydro GmbH
Implemented country: Italy
Title: Chievo Dam

At Chievo, a suburb of the city of Verona ANDRITZ HYDRO installed a hydroelectric power plant using the unique HYDROMATRIX ® concept. The system allows to use the unused hydraulic energy of the abandoned ship lock without losing the ability to flood drainage. This system can be completely removed in the event of a flood from the gate. It was additionally built next to the lock has a fish ladder on the shoreline. It is an important component of the project to promote fish migration and helps ensure that the effects of dam building to soften the fish population. The HYDROMATRIX  power plant dam at Chievo Verona in August 2009 was successfully put into operation and provides approximately 10,000 households.

Category: Water