Submitted by: Sanata Technologies Inc.
Implemented country: India
Title: System and method for repulping of paper products and improvement of water quality with dipolar aprotic solvents and recovery

An enhanced method of repulping paper and improving water quality by placing used paper product material in an aqueous solution of dipolar aprotic protophylic solvent, processing it, and recovering recycled pulp based on two physical reactions of the dipolar solvent: first with water from one part of the solvent, and second with cellulosic material from the other part of the solvent. The water reaction involves a rearrangement of hydrogen bonds within the water, improving its reactivity and solvent capacity, and the cellulosic reaction involves dissolution of hemicellulose in a manner which results in reduced fibre loss and improved pulp quality. The net result is more efficient pulping, cutting down in technological operations, water and energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

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