Submitted by: Maroon Petrochemical Company
Implemented country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: Cooling Tower Blow-down Recovery in Maroon Petrochemical Company (M.P.C.)

According to studies in this project and surveying quality and quantity of consumed water in the Maroon Petrochemical Company (M.P.C.), it is proven that significant daily volume of retrievable water is wasting. Considering the M.P.C's location in Middle East (a dry region), recovery of this water can have so financial benefits. It is estimated that the volume of retrievable water is about 2500 m3/day and If recycled, the water is reusable. This wastewater is blow-down of cooling tower. Comparing different desalination and water treatment methods (Ultra filtration, Ion Exchange, Reverse osmosis …), R.O. Method with a full pre-treatment chosen due to the economical and technical reason to reuse this amount of wastewater as cooling tower make-up. In addition to economic value, cooling tower blow-down recovery which is 10% of total water consumption in M.P.C. is a new water source for M.P.C. That can be a strategic value in droughty years and it was neglected up until now.

Category: Water