Submitted by: Loytec electonics GmbH
Implemented country: United States
Title: L-WEB - save energy in large buildings

L-WEB can perform the control of an area in terms of an energy-optimized operation in accordance with the desired comfort functions fully automatically. These adjustments are either from the comfort of their workplace or as in schools, be centrally made by a janitor or porter. Even the remote access from a central location to, for example a particular classroom / office is possible, in order to adjust the temperature or turn off the light. In addition to cost savings goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings, an increase in comfort for the user and saving energy. -The electrical energy savings in lighting is, for example in an office building up to 60% energy savings in air conditioning systems up to 40% and the saving of heat energy up to 25%. In school buildings, savings of up to 50% in lighting energy and 30% of heat energy can be achieved.

Category: Fire