National Energy Globe Award Austria (Youth)
Regional Energy Globe Award Oberösterreich (Austria) (overall winner)

Submitted by: HTBLA Ried im Innkreis
Implemented country: Austria
Title: We do not heat to the outside

The Technical College Ried bemoans the never properly tempered classrooms. If the students in the class is hot, they open the window and the cold air flows on the causes of the radiator mounted thermostat and that the radiator heat even more than before. Although the students in the class and are open in the meantime, the window is heated and therefore unnecessary energy consumption. With a very low-cost mini-controller, which converted the two students of the class 5BM its own ideas and program, should be checked by sensors in the classrooms, if the windows are open, lowered into the night and the holidays, the heating power on demand, or even anti-freeze temperature should be changed. And if anyone should be present, even geleichzeitig the lighting in the empty classrooms will be turned off.

Category: Youth