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Submitted by: Der Energiedetektiv®
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Südsteirische warehouses to protect climate

The warehouse for Gleinstätten-Ehrenhausen-meadow reg.Gen.mbH merged companies took advantage of the offer of economic sustainability WIN initiative and decided to be examined in the course of this program to their own sites by the energy of the engineering firm Weigl detectives. All premises of the cooperative were tested by the consultants to examine the potential savings and technical improvements to facilities out. For each of the 13 companies, an individual consultation report and the implementation of the recommended action was swift. Thus, for example the lighting and Heizungsanalagen renewed and insulated pipes in the heating circuits. Additionally relates to a larger potential for savings and organizational measures, such as employee training and motivation, but also maintenance and repair of equipment. Based on the total energy consumption, the saving is about 31%.

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