National Energy Globe Award Vanuatu (overall winner)

Submitted by: VANREPA/Green Power
Implemented country: Vanuatu
Title: Light and Power for Islanders

Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific consisting of 83 islands with a total population of 243,000. More than three quarters of the people live in rural areas, and the majority of the 35,000 households use kerosene for lanterns, disposable batteries for flashlights, and wood for cooking. The average household in Vanuatu spends between 9 and 14 euros on energy, which basically amounts to “burning“ your money.
David Stein from Green Power decided to do something about this situation. His project is aimed at providing the people of Vanuatu with affordable and efficient solar lamps and solar-powered chargers for cell phones. David’s system consists of a solar panel and a combined LED light plus a battery. The device is small, compact, and affordable. Anyone can use this simple device, no one needs any training. And no maintenance is necessary.
The project was organized with several distribution partners. One solar light set costs 76 euros. In sum and calculated according to the set’s lifecycle, more than 3 million euros are being saved because the people of Vanuatu no longer have to buy disposable batteries or charging devices, not to mention the reduction in kerosene costs. The air quality in the homes is much better now, CO2 emissions were reduced, and the use of disposable batteries is going down drastically. Changing over to this solar lamp set is not only good for the environment, but also good for everyone’s household budget.
Nearly 7,000 rural households have already been supplied with this system. Another 10,000 are planned for the future. David Stein’s dream is to expand this project all over the Pacific islands.

“Innovate or vegetate!”       

David Stein

Category: Air