Implemented country: Germany
Title: Solar Desalination System Ra-Tech

Drinking Water for the World Clean drinking water is in the near and medium future, in addition to petroleum resources of the most competitive in the 21st Be the century. Large plants for desalination and purification of sea water require a lot of energy and have some dramatic effects on the ecology of their sites. Above all, they are without any additional infrastructure for serving remote or underdeveloped regions unusable. -GWS (Glocalwatersolutions) has developed a system for local treatment of salt and brackish water, which in principle can be established and operated anywhere in the world. The GWS-system is based on the evaporation of salt water and brackish water through efficient use of the thermal component of the sunlight and the condensation of water vapor to potable strongly keimreduziertem freshwater. The GWS-system is decentralized, portable, robust, efficient, low maintenance and very easy to use.

Category: Water