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Submitted by: TU München - Lehrstuhl für Bauklimatik und Haustechnik
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Intelligent load management

Intelligent load management
The currently projected expansion of fluctuating, renewable energy producers can expect a paradigm shift in the current energy supply concept in Europe towards a smart grid. An important element of the Smart Grid is the ability to adapt to the demand for electricity generation. From this background, achieve in the future, a load management (demand response) high importance. The Technical University of Munich has carried out together with Siemens Building Technologies Division, a potential study of demand response in non-residential buildings and is currently developing new control algorithms to implementation. The existing building automation system provides a structure for this communication is an appro-priate platform to realize the operation of various variable consumers. Initial studies have shown that potential for load management in non-residential buildings and also available using today's technology.

Category: Air