Submitted by: Simon Ploner Biogas
Implemented country: Austria
Title: The energy of nature nachhalitg use and protect the environment!

1.314 million m3 of methane gas (CH4) per year for cattle, is converted into energy! This corresponds to a COrÄquivalent of 64944.45 tons, about 25 times as CJ-14 Harmful climate than C02! Two BHKWerzeugen 1.935 million KWh / year! Through the use of waste heat to heat: two fermenters, office, workshop and machine shop, four houses and a carpenter's workshop! Sum of the heat energy delivered: 279 700 kWh / year, this is the connected families provided free of charge! With the completion of the drying system for feed grain and wood of the residual thermal energy storage of about 840 000 kWh / year will be made ​​available! Timeframe 2006 - 2011, as promised funding has not been paid.

Category: Air