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National Energy Globe Award Philippines (overall winner)

Submitted by: PARFUND
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Rice and Ducks Spells „More Bucks“!

There probably isn’t a farmer who hasn’t dreamed about increasing his crop yield by 10 to 30 per cent, at the same time doubling his income. An unusual project has made this dream come true. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious. You put ducks in a rice field and let them swim off. Their paddling prevents the growth of weeds and grass in the rice paddies and carries oxygen to the bottom, which also prevents methane emissions from forming. Even the duck droppings are useful because the natural fertilizer helps rice farmers save money. Instead of spending 921 euros on fertilizer for two crop seasons, rice farmers now only spend 357 euros. Since the ducks also eat pests there is no need for chemical pest control.

The rice-and-duck system will help improve organic rice growing, provide rice farmers with an additional income and food safety, and lower production costs and the need for synthetic fertilizers. Just the paddling of the ducks alone increases crop yield by 10-15 per cent per year. As many as 50 agricultural engineers are providing 150 farmers in selected areas with help in explaining and implementing this idea. It was also great to see how a stronger partnership is being created between the government, local authorities, NGOs, and the farmers. 87,300 euros were provided by local authorities for implementing the system.

Jose Noel Olano, a father of three and well-experienced in rural development, is proud of this innovative project and the fact that clever agricultural technology can protect the environment, at the same time helping families get out of poverty. Even if farmers should no longer enjoy eating crispy duck on fried rice, their products will still be a quick sell – including duck eggs and duck on rice.

"Serve God. Serve the people."

Jose Noel Olano