National Energy Globe Award Sri Lanka (overall winner)

Submitted by: Maximus Pvt Ltd
Implemented country: Sri Lanka
Title: Paper and Gifts from Elephant Dung

There is a company in Sri Lanka that specializes in recycling a very special natural resource: elephant dung for paper making. Small manufacturers have been making paper and other products from dung and other waste products since 1997. The company began with 7 staff members. Today there are more than 200 employees. The entire production is environmentally-friendly. Only non-toxic raw materials are used. Since the production process is very work-intensive, only locals from rural areas are employed, especially young people who need a job and support.
Products are sold mostly to Western countries, where they are extremely popular. Especially eco-products are in high demand. Strategically, Maximus Peace Paper is trying to create jobs, protect animal wildlife and elephant populations, and strengthen rural areas by producing beautiful, aesthetic, hand-made gifts and crafts from 100 per cent waste, in this case: elephant dung.
Thuisitha Ranasinghe enjoys yoga and loves to read. He has twin daughters and pulls the strings in the family business. He has had to deal with many different situations such as funding and gaining access to export markets. But he has always found good solutions. His motto is “Live and let live”. Thuisitha is a humble and modest man and likes expressing his respect towards other people and the environment by the way he does his work.

“Try my best to be good, try my best to do good, whilst living life to the fullest!”

Thuisitha Ranasinghe