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Submitted by: M-TEC - Mittermayr GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energy efficient ice-and snow-free attitude of public thoroughfares

In the pilot project "Energy efficient ice-and snow-free attitude of public traffic areas-chen", the M-TEC GmbH was Mittermayr with the planning and execution of an ice-and snow-free attitude for a subway station in the south of Munich commissioned. In sum, more than 168 m2 of public traffic area with the help of near-surface geothermal every winter ice and kept free of snow. To make best use of this heat source, were of the M-TEC GmbH Mittermayr developed two systems, which indirectly led groundwater system and the CO2-led system. The pilot project was completed in May 2011 and first evaluation results of processing are already available. Compared with direct electrical heating systems can be implemented indirectly by applying the groundwater system in the test run period (February / March 2011) Energy savings of 90.7% (See Figure 1 and Figure 2). In addition, the CO2-run system VER dispensed entirely with an additional drive energy, creating a 100% - term efficiency gains can be realized compared to the direct electrical heating.

Category: Air