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National Energy Globe Award Bulgaria (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ecobiotechnoservice
Implemented country: Bulgaria
Title: Plasma Technology for a Green and Sustainable Future

Dimitrov Krasen and his wife live in Varna, a beautiful city located on the shores of the Black Sea. No wonder that sailing is his favorite hobby. As far as work is concerned, Dimitrov is a nerd-type inventor on behalf of the environment and a higher quality of living, he says. Currently, he is devoting all his time and energy to Ecobiotechoservice, his company that is working on a futuristic topic: Plasma technology.
Even today, plasma technology is already used for the treatment of industrial pollution, in nanotechnologies and for contaminant control. Still, Dimitrov says, it needs to be used in daily life. Plasma is nothing but ionized gas, and is also referred to as the fourth aggregate state-of-matter in addition to the physical states of solid, liquid and gas. A large portion of visible matter in the universe, the stars, for example, is in a plasma state. Lightning and polar lights are a form of terrestrial plasma. For about 150 years, plasma has been artificially produced by loading gas, liquids, or solid-state materials with energy, which provides gasses with the ability to neutralize pollutants, noxious fumes and bad smells in organic matter. A wonderful state of affairs – and matter!
Dimitrov feels that the future belongs to this technology. It ought to be used in every aspect of life – together with environmentally-friendly products. This will help reduce emissions, “beam away“ pollutants from water, air, and foods, and reduce bad smells without any additional chemical support. You only need electricity and that, according to Dimitrov, is obtained only from clean sources. But what can the best prototype do, nor the greatest idea or passion, if you lack the necessary funds? This is Dimitrov’s biggest challenge, because there are no government grants or other funds to help support his scientific findings based on numerous experiments. Investors are shying away from risks, research funding is scarce and there are very few tax breaks. But true to his motto „Short effective action –maximum results! “, Dimitrov is convinced that maximum application of plasma energy will happen – and not only in Bulgaria.

“Save the nature! It is our creator!”

Dimitrov Krasen

Category: Air