Submitted by: Emilie-Heyermann-Realschule
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Project 50% 50 - Students / inside for energy efficiency and renewable energies

Between early 1997 and mid 2010, the ETS could save considerable amounts of energy (electricity demand -51.8%, -22.2% heating gas, CO2 Emissions - 1,011 tons, energy costs € -180,390). She is a multiplier for energy efficiency and renewable energy since 2001 through collaboration with the Hungarian Gádor School, Budapest. The project SPICE 2005 was a climate change project with Uzbekistan (Bukhara School No. 4) on. 2010, the EHS SPICE presented at the EXPO in Shanghai (China), where he led the Shude High School (Chengdu) and Tongji University is JugendUni energy problem through. A photovoltaic system on the ETS since 2004. Students / counselors were trained to become solar. Currently, the school participates in the formation of a citizens' wind turbine.

Category: Youth