Submitted by: NMS-Feldkirchen bei Graz
Implemented country: Austria
Title: From power plant to insect hotel

Our main school is a certified eco school. Therefore, our projects always on sustainability. Timeliness of reasons was the title of our project this year: "From power plant to insect hotel". The second Class scientists are involved during the project week, not only with small-and water power plants and wild bees, but also with alternative energy sources, CO2 levels in food, energy savings, and the causes of the greenhouse effect. Solar-powered jobs, providing a power saving folders and display boards were made ​​by the students. In teaching workshops and outputs the acquired knowledge was deepened. Throughout the semester teaching at the factory 3 wild bees were built accommodation, which will help in the new power plant in Gössendorf to revitalize the ecological balance.

Category: Water