Submitted by: Universität Bremen
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Solar Cooperative staff at the University of Bremen

With the establishment of a solar co-employees at the University by and for employees of the University of Bremen, the expansion of energy production from renewable energy sources in the university are being transported. The aim is to present potential for the University to develop and use. These include the establishment and operation of plants producing electricity from renewable energy sources to the licensed areas of the University of the solar co-operative and encouraging the integration of electricity from renewable energy sources in the energy supply of the university. The Solar Cooperative, University of Bremen will be set up as a registered cooperative society by and for staff (and students) from the University. A project group (Environment Committee), analyzed the technical and economic feasibility of the project and the necessary further steps and preparations for the establishment of a cooperative. These are the statutes of the cooperative development of a definition of the objectives, purpose and organization, and the negotiation of a cooperation agreement for the use of transfer between the University and the co-operative. The establishment of the cooperative and commencement of operations is targeted for September 2011 and will be presented on World Environment Day 2011. First plant should be as yet established this year and go into operation.

Category: Fire