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National Energy Globe Award Georgia (overall winner)

Submitted by: International Center for Environmental Research
Implemented country: Georgia
Title: Universal Additive Increases Diesel and Gasoline Performance

The main cause of environmental pollution is still exhaust gases from burning diesel and gasoline. This is why environmentalist Grigol Abramia began looking for ways to make combustion more efficient. An additive called Petrox-1 will now bring relief to the environment because it consists of non-toxic substances such as glycerin, ethanol and water, which don’t influence octane rating but increase combustion performance, which again causes a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions from automobiles. Abramia claims a reduction of 44 per cent while the engine is idling and 16 per cent while driving.
Numerous data were collected and evaluated in the course of the project. Tests were conducted on different automobiles from different manufacturers such as VW, Toyota, Lada, Nissan, etc. Inside as well as outdoor testing was conducted. The additive is efficient and economical and can be used for diesel as well as gasoline fuels. In addition, it offers great environmentally-friendly benefits that reduce the toxins that again create allergies when people breathe in exhaust fumes.
Gia Abramia, who enjoys hiking and scuba diving, would like to create a heightened awareness of environmental needs within the general population. He is single and planning on spending a lot of time marketing his “green” and clean fuel additive.

“Supporting society through safeguarding the environment.”

Gia Grigol Abramia