National Energy Globe Award Austria (Youth)

Submitted by: Energieagentur Ing. Walter Baierl, Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik/Energietechnik
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Kids-Family-Nature meets Energy

The projects "Kids meet Energy",,, Family meets Energy "and" Nature meets Energy energy training projects in kindergartens, schools and compulsory at the high school senior to be performed. All projects are training to become certified "Energy Meier cleverness." The children / young people learn in many practical experiments the eco-friendly and economical use of energy saving Energi to mind, the function of photovoltaics, the differences in lighting and the LED - technology know. To make the results of the experiments, the young people to be better understood as Savings in kilowatt hours, or in the energy currency of all cleverness Meier "EKE" (Eiskugeleinheiten) converted. So far, 4308 is already enjoying children and young people to be appointed "junior energy cleverness Meier", "Energy clever Meier," or alternative energy-Meier clever "!

Category: Youth