National Energy Globe Award United Arab Emirates (overall winner)

Submitted by: Dubai Municipality
Implemented country: United Arab Emirates
Title: Reusing Construction Rubble is a Challenge as well as an Opportunity for Dubai

Dubai has a waste problem. But as is the case with other big cities in other countries, the problem is not related to household waste. 75 per cent of all waste in Dubai comes from construction sites and is demolition waste. In 2006, this kind of waste of amounted to 10.5 million tons; in 2007, nearly 28 million tons that needed to be disposed of.
Because there are many old buildings and bridges in need of renovation and entirely dilapidated buildings in Dubai, the problem just keeps getting worse. On the other hand, rocks are turned into construction material in numerous stone quarries, which causes huge clouds of dust, which again is bad for people’s health as well as the environment.
One solution is to re-use construction rubble for filler material or road surfacing material. That way, the waste as well as the storage problem is solved, and the environment and the mountains are being protected because of less rock quarrying. A comprehensive study has shown that rubble can be successfully reused. However, the challenge lies in finding applications for reuse and defining binding regulations. The plan is to develop certification guidelines for recycled construction rubble.
Civil engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah is conducting more studies and lab tests to find even better applications for reusing the recycled concrete in road building or including it in asphalt mixes. There is no stopping the rapid growth in Dubai and its neighboring cities. Many huge buildings are in planning, which is an ideal prerequisite for reusing existing rubble.

“Save natural resources and keep the environment clean by recycling waste.”


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