Submitted by: Gemeinde Alkoven
Implemented country: Austria
Title: School renovation

Building phase 1 (completed) outer shell of VS renovated building stage 2 (in progress) until school starts in the fall of 2011, work will be carried out: • Renovation of the 4-storey component of the HS • Renovation of Conference Room HS with adjacent rooms Demolition and construction of locker rooms HS and the dressing rooms of the VS-gym in the field of HS wardrobes, new outer shell of the auditorium renovation Conference Area VS base and mechanically stabilized gravel base for emergency access road on the east side. On the roof of the HS a solar thermal plant will be built with 50m2 collector. We heat our schools continue with elephant grass from the municipality. Construction phase 3 (planned) • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the gyms PV system with a minimum of 10 kWp Interior • Exterior design of the elementary school

Category: Earth