National Energy Globe Award Viet Nam (overall winner)

Submitted by: BK-IDSE
Implemented country: Viet Nam
Title: Wind- and Solar Energy instead of Smelly Diesel Generators

Duong Tuan Nguyen is a graduate of the Technical University of Ho Chi Minh City. Then he studied electrical engineering at Sherbrooke  University in Quebec, Canada. His passion is renewable energies, especially solar and wind energy. He has been the general manager of an eco-energy company called IDSE since 2006, which was organized in 1975 as a research institute for renewable energies. It is the declared goal of the company to turn Vietnam into a pioneer for clean energy. Eco-power will eventually become a matter of course in the daily life of the people, a goal that Duong Tuan Nguyen has reached with a landmark project: Providing 48 remote islands in the South China Sea with eco power.
Dong Tuan Nuguyen loves his  home country.  But the bad power supply in the Spratly Islands has always been a thorn in his side. Diesel generators never were a long-term solution, yet renewable energy has also never been a big topic in Vietnam. Projects of that kind found no support whatsoever. But BK-IDSE completely turned things around. This small but fine company developed and installed a unique energy supply system based on wind and solar energy. Within 10 months and under the most adverse weather conditions, the system was erected in all 48 islands. Each team worked for three months, being cut off from communication with the mainland for many days at a time. Without their enthusiasm and 100 percent commitment this would not have been possible. The greatest incentive for the team was Nguyen’s motto: A better future is not a dream. It is possible. All we have to do is decide and take the first step.
The dream eventually became a reality: 48 atolls, reefs, and islands belonging to the Spratly Islands now have access to clean energy: 6.2 MWh per day. Between 2007 and 2008, 21 energy stations were installed within only 10 months. 120 wind turbines were erected and 3,834 solar panels and 4,112 batteries were installed, which helps save 620 liters of diesel and 6 tons of CO2 emissions per day. The island population is excited about continuous power supply with 100% green energy. This has also convinced the Vietnamese government. More power stations will be built. BK-IDSE  is hoping to be part of the project. Nguyen is also working on a new project: The development of a basic structure for the first “green“ energy supply model in Vietnam with a focus on thermal solar energy and new solutions for saving even more energy. Duong Tuan Nguyen gets his inspiration and strength from his family. He enjoys playing ping pong with his wife, while his young son is the watchful referee.

„Success comes from Aspiration"

Deng Tuann Nguyen

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