Submitted by: Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Mode und Kunst
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Upcycling not throw away

The students of the 2nd College of Commerce and creative production engineering at the School of Fashion Autumn Street were concerned with recycling and sustainability. The search for ideas that support these issues led to the appreciation of used items. Most people throw away used clothes easily, without thinking that much can come of it. The decision was made for a very affordable and ecological idea: to create new from old shirts fashionable and affordable clothing. It was organized a collection of discarded shirts. Most were glad to be able to empty their closets and at the same time to know the good use of their old clothes. It created a wide variety of workpieces, some elements will remain the shirts, were partly completely new fashionable creations trendy blouses, skirts, bags, scarves. Children's pajamas and much more. Our project thus shows that by upcycling a meaningful and sustainable models can be generated without any environmental impact.