National Energy Globe Award Argentina (overall winner)

Submitted by: Asociacion Ciudadania Solidaria
Implemented country: Argentina
Title: Designing and Implementing Sustainable Plans for Environmental Education

In Argentina, the lack of environmental awareness and environmental education are a real problem. Recently, several projects have been initiated to increase public awareness in order to combat poverty, slow down climate change and support sustainable developments. Children’s interest needs to be awakened and information offered in school. As a result of this project, the general public will receive more information on environmental issues through forums, conferences, classes, interactive discussions, etc. National and international activities will be coordinated with community activities. In San Isidro there will be a special exhibition dedicated to the topic of sustainable development.

The project’s aim is to protect natural resources and to leave an intact environment to future generations. Personal development skills will also be taught in the course of the project  – for example, Argentinians will be taught how to live one’s fullest potential and talents. Based on the motto “Learning to know, do, live and be”, positive attitudes towards the environment and society in general will be taught. Semiannual meetings will discuss interdisciplinary approaches, and citizens will receive encouragement to participate in local political processes.
Ana Trabucco Nolasco, who is very much committed to harmony and respect, has two sons and two daughters and is especially happy about two granddaughters as well.

“Becoming aware of oneself and the world around us, participating in the construction of attitudes and personal skills and social sustainable oriented quality of life of all beings.”

Ana Trabucco Nolasco