Submitted by: GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Reduction of sewage-related emissions to surface waters by a highly accurate simulation method

The overall objective of the R & D project "Development of a simulation method for reducing Schmutzfrachtausträgen from medium to large sewerage networks by using modern control elements" [Angermair et al., 2011], funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation is the reduction of emissions to rivers, lakes oceans and comfort while maintaining the drainage (flooding risk). Objective is being supported by a method for the combined simulation of extreme heavy rainfall runoff for the hydraulic proof of sewer networks, and an opinion based on long-term simulation of waste load calculation for the detection of the release behavior of drainage systems with a model with no system simplifications based on a hydrodynamic outflow transport calculation. The modeling, simulation, and the installation of system components to optimize the outflow processes, both through activation volume and partly by avoiding uncontrolled Einstauverhaltens in the channel structures allows to reduce the emissions a cost effective way.