National Energy Globe Award Austria (Earth)

Submitted by: Marktgemeinde Jenbach
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Geothermal power plant tunnel

During the construction of a railway tunnel that passes under the town Jenbach, a geothermal power plant currently being built, which will in future provide the yard for the common Jenbach sustained with environmentally friendly heat energy.
With this project the first time the potential geothemiisctie by mechanically driven forward tunnel is used.
For this purpose a tunnel length of 54 m was equipped with Energietübbingen. Over a rescue shaft is required anyway, the absorber lines are routed to the surface and connected to a heat pump which supplies the yard of the church Jenbach with heating.
This project is a pilot project - the first in a machine-driven tunnel be built geothermal power plant. This technology offers great potential for other inner-city tunnel projects.


Category: Earth