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National Energy Globe Award Singapore (overall winner)

Submitted by: Grand Hyatt Singapore
Implemented country: Singapore
Title: A New Gas Generator Is Heating up Water and Cooling down the Hotel

The hot water boiler of the Grand Hyatt Singapore served the hotel well for 25 years and then gave up its ghost. Time to replace the gadget. However, the hotel wanted to take a step towards sustainable energy and also avoid the old boiler’s disadvantages such as low efficiency and high oil costs. The decision was made to purchase a Trigeneration system – a first-time attempt to install such a system in a hotel in Singapore. Now 3.52 tons of CO2 can be saved each day, which would amount to the CO2 emissions from 300 cars.
The new system is run by gas and the residual heat is re-used by the generator for steam and hot water for the hotel laundry. The remaining heat is used for cooling the lobby as well as other rooms.

It all isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. The city’s gas grid is not as stable as would be desirable and so certain safety measures had to be taken. There are nearly no natural gas reserves in Singapore. Also, a big number of requirements had to be met in order to use the generator and the municipal power supply system.

However, Joseph Tham was always confident that everything would work out, even if the gas lines had to be laid directly into the hotel which is located downtown on Orchard Road, a district with heavy traffic and many shopping malls. Everything went well, and Joseph Tham, a father of two and assistant to the technical director, was proud of having completed an important project for a more sustainable use of resources.

"We serve through a balanced and responsible approach to our growth and operations – so that every community is better because Hyatt is there."

Joseph Tham

Category: Earth